SponsorPay for Publisher

1. You integrate SponsorPay’s monetization platform

We offer multiple integration options including iframe, JSON, XML, promotional banners etc. Our turnkey platform can be set up in under 30 minutes. We also provide help with deep in-game integration.

2. Users earn or buy virtual currency, digital goods, premium features

Users earn virtual currency or premium features by completing offers such as participating in surveys, watching videos, making discounted purchases etc. or buy it using a local direct payment option.

3. Users get credited with virtual currency, premium features

Once the users' transactions have been confirmed, we credit their accounts with premium features and/or the corresponding amount of virtual currency.

4. You get paid! (yes, it's that simple)

We manage all processes related to billing, collection, fraud and customer support. We also help you optimize campaigns to derive maximum benefit from our platform.

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